With thousands produced, video depositions are our most popular service. We will send one of our professionals to any location to shoot your deposition; and, we will set up the room so we will not obstruct the witness, attorneys or the court reporter.

  • We will only use professional video and audio equipment.
  • A backdrop will be used to eliminate any distractions behind the witness.
  • A digital audio file will be made and given to the court reporter after the deposition.
  • Videos will be delivered in 5-7 business days. (Videos can be expedited as well).
  • Many different formats available; including, MPEG-1, MP4, MPEG-2.
  • We can provide a laptop/monitor setup for displaying any images, XRays or MRIs
  • We also provide the ability to do mobile videoconferencing.

**We do not provide court reporting services; however, we can get a court reporter for you if you request it.

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Videotaping a will execution helps defend against unwarranted claims of fraud, undue influence, improper procedure and will show the mental state of the Testator. It will be very helpful should someone contest the written document upon the person’s death.

  • The video will show the testator and attorney on screen.
  • The two witnesses present will be identified on video.
  • The video will show the testator, and the two witnesses, signing the written document.

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Activities of Daily Living videos, or ADL’s, show the various hardships presented to a plaintiff on a daily basis. The main purpose of an ADL is to be played at trial to portray how a plaintiff’s life has been altered due to an accident or injury. The video will bring the jury into the plaintiff’s daily life and help them to measure the loss suffered by the plaintiff.

These are very detailed, work intensive videos and can take anywhere from three to four weeks to complete.

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When it comes time for trial, the court may not have the equipment available to play your videos in the courtroom. Take that stress away and let us send one of our trial technicians to the courtroom. We will set up all of the necessary equipment to present any and all of your evidence to the jury.

Our technicians can help present any of the following:

  • video depositions. synched video depositions. any other evidentiary videos. any audio recordings. any photographic evidence. any documents or demonstrative exhibits.


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Settlement Documentaries are very similar to ADL’s; however, they are used mainly in mediation and not intended to be played in court. With no legal restrictions as to its content, it is an excellent way to convey the strength of your case to opposing counsel. It is designed to show them just how much your client was effected by the negligence of their client. When done properly, it can expedite a settlement and possibly get you maximum financial results. Although these can be very powerful videos, they do not guarantee you winning your case or obtaining a large settlement.

Like ADL’s, these are also very detailed, work intensive videos and can take anywhere from three to four weeks to complete.

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In a personal injury case, counsel may send the plaintiff to one of their experts for an independent medical evaluation (IME). Videotaping the evaluation allows you to see exactly what was examined, how it was examined and how long the exam took to complete.

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In a personal injury case, the plaintiff may undergo certain procedures to help with their injury. By videotaping these procedures, you are allowing the jury to see exactly what your client has to endure due to the negligence of someone else. The jury seeing the procedure can be far more powerful than the surgeon just describing the procedure.

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